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Heimana Reynolds was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii since August 1.1998.  He comes from a strong Tahitian/Hawaiian/Chinese/Caucasian family surfing/skateboarding background.    He has been surfing/skating since age 3 and is a rare breed of talent who is able to skate all types of terrain. His competitive achievements consist of numerous local titles in Hawaii from mini groms to gromhood to am. level. as well as national titles thru the King of the Groms system. He has been featured on many major local media outlets from newspaper to news to tv profiles. He was also fortunate enough to be featured on 7 episodes of Disney XDs "Next X" and became the winner showcasing his talent at X-Games 16 skatepark in front of a sold out crowd. Heimana is also the only am. level skater who competed by invitation in this years Vans Am. tec pool party bowl event and the Phx Am. street event. A very high accomplishment in separate disciplines of skateboarding at a very young age. It is not only his raw talent in various skateboarding conditions but his positive energy, marketable looks, respect and attitude that make him a complete skateboarder with a strong following.